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NISHANT KAUSHIK | Architect, Strategist, Identirati

Nishant Kaushik is CTO at SCUID, a cutting-edge IDaaS company building the control point for the modern enterprise. In his current role, Nishant is driving product and technology strategy for the SCUID platform and suite of products that help an enterprise mantain control over their cloud-based IT environment. He has (way too many for his sanity) years of experience in the identity management industry architecting and delivering market leading products. This all started back in 2000 when he joined a small user provisioning company called Thor Technologies (mainly because he loved the view he was going to have from his 87th floor window cubicle in the World Trade Center). Nishant's most proud work accomplishment to date is helping rebuild the company (and the Thor product) from the ashes of the September 11 attacks, and making it a market leader in provisioning that Oracle acquired in late 2005 (here's a little blog post I wrote titled 'My Story So Far'). At Oracle, he became Lead Strategist for Identity Management, responsible for driving innovation in Oracle's industry leading identity management solutions.

Nishant is an active member of the identity management community (frequently described by those in it as a soap opera family), regularly contributing his thoughts and ideas through twitter at and his blog at Seen frequently on stage, in the hallways and at the bar at industry conferences, he is hard at work trying to make sense of the crazy world of identity (and most recently, cloud identity).

When not hard at work, Nishant loves travelling around the world and capturing what he sees on film. His (noticeable) lack of talent in photography doesn't dim his enthusiasm for cataloging all the places that he has been in his photologue, He cites his trip to Machu Picchu as the most amazing experience in the world, and one that everyone should do while they still can.

Nishant has transitioned from living with his family far away from Oracle HQ to basically next door to Identropy HQ (all of it instrumental in maintaining what sanity he has left) in the New York/New Jersey area, the greatest place in the world.

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